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forum reveiws Z13 Another Forum Of Mine But It Is An RPG Forum... MTG Reborn Role Playing Forum Come to that site if you choose to role play MTG.

forum reveiws

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forum reveiws Empty forum reveiws

Post by feral hydra on Wed May 19, 2010 8:39 am

i am wanting to allow people to reveiw this forum in another forum but here are the requirements...

•Full Review: 200 Messages with 75 Users.(i will accept and thats is what i want, i have 46 members to go, but will do later))

•Two Area's Review: 200 Messages with 30 Users.(this is okay and i only need 1 more member)

•One Area Review: 30 Messages with 15 Users.(dont want to do and i alreay have the member requirements)

•All Forum's will be in English unless the reviewer can speak the language.(there is one thread that speaks entirely romanian, and there are lots of romanians where i want to reveiw it)

•Free Area Request: Design: You can request a review in Design (Forum Theme) without any users or messages. This don't include HTML Pages. (dont want to do at all)

The reveiws can only be done 3 weeks apart...
an area is a part of the forum...
this may bring more and more members here...

OK Very Happy
feral hydra
feral hydra

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forum reveiws Empty Re: forum reveiws

Post by Bob_from_Accounting on Sun May 23, 2010 11:49 am

MTG Reborn is a super special awesome site because it has a bitching logo that only by the barest margin is copyright infringement.
Just Starting
Just Starting

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